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Prospect A-Z Day 24: Xander Bogaerts

January 3, 2012
A to Z

On Friday, Prospect A-Z covered Zack Wheeler, the top pitching prospect for the Mets. Formerly of the Giants organization, Wheeler was traded by San Francisco to acquire Carlos Beltran for the stretch run. Beltran held up his end of the bargain by performing well, but he couldn't overtake the Diamondbacks alone. Beltran is now with the Cardinals, so the Giants are left without a star right fielder and a top pitching prospect. This will...

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Prospect A-Z Day 15: Oscar Taveras

December 19, 2011
A to Z

Yesterday, Prospect A-Z returned with Washington catcher Derek Norris. He has the power and defensive skills to potentially be an All-Star, but he needs to improve his batting average. He'll be competing for true three outcome titles in the majors with his patience and also penchant of striking out. Wilson Ramos established himself as a solid starter behind the plate for Washington, but Norris could eventually surpass him. He could be a key piece...

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Prospect A-Z Day 5: Edwar Cabrera

November 18, 2011
A to Z

Yesterday, we went behind the plate to talk about Travis d'Arnaud, Toronto's catcher on helium last season. He's gone one level per year in his ascent to the majors, and he could break in with Toronto by the end of 2012. He's a solid all-around player who may not stand out in any area, but he'll be good in all of them. At the time of his trade to Toronto along with Kyle Drabek...

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2011 Bus Leagues Postseason Awards: Short-Season Player, Starting Pitcher, and Relief Pitcher of the Year

September 27, 2011

It’s Awards Week here at Bus Leagues, that annual event in which we unveil the seasons that our voters determined to be the best in Minor League and Independent baseball. This year, we have nine awards to give out: Player of the Year, Starting Pitcher of the Year, and Relief Pitcher of the Year for Full-Season Minor League Baseball, Short-Season Minor League Baseball, and Independent Baseball. In the Independent Baseball awards announced yesterday, Ronnie...

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Now Pitching For The Colorado Rockies…

May 30, 2011
Juan Nicasio

Juan Nicasio. Nicasio is a 6'3, 200 pound righty signed by Colorado from the Dominican Republic. The Rockies have made an effort to improve their presence in Latin America in recent years, and it's paying off for them. When the Rockies made their shocking run to the World Series in 2007, Latin pitchers Ubaldo Jimenez, Manny Corpas and Franklin Morales all played key roles. Including Nicasio, three of the Rockies' top 10 prospects are...

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And Now, A Few Words About Minor League Classifications…

March 15, 2011

Picture: (my computer wouldn't open the link, but the map was cool so I wanted to mention it) I was working on one of my many projects the other day when I started wondering about the classification history of the modern minor leagues. Perhaps one day I’ll delve into this in greater detail – I’d love to research and write a series of books about the history of each individual league – but...

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2010 Bus Leagues Postseason Awards: MiLB Pitcher of the Year

September 29, 2010

This week, we will be presenting the 2010 Bus Leagues Postseason Awards in five categories: Independent Pitcher of the Year, Independent Player of the Year, MiLB Reliever of the Year, MiLB Pitcher of the Year, and MiLB Player of the Year. Voters selected their top five finishers for each award, with points awarded on a 5-4-3-2-1 scale. In addition to the regular Bus Leagues cast of characters, we invited a few friends to vote...

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Make Sure You Have Your Playoff Procedures In Order, People

August 24, 2010
jim mora playoffs

I was all set to make myself a bunch of little note card cheat sheets containing the playoff procedures for Minor League Baseball's leagues, then I realized how complicated some of these scenarios get. Soooo, change of plans - I'll just link here to the pages that detail each league's procedure, and we'll have this post as an easy reference. AAA International League Mexican League - The Mexican League just instructs visitors to consult...

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10 Rules for finding a Good Prospect

August 1, 2010
esx snead

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a wonk. A futurist wonk. Now granted, there are certain advantages to it. Though the fact I was able to get on the Michael Pineda train before the rest of the world caught up to him is certain to pay dividends by 2012? Some would consider that boring. Those people are Communists. I'm here for the hundreds in attendance and for the two or three in my...

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Dominican Summer League All-Stars Announced

August 31, 2009

These were announced last Wednesday, just before the start of the playoffs: Catcher: Jaime Del Valle, White Sox First Base: Reymond Nunez, Yankees 2 Second Base: Carlos Willoughby, Giants Third Base: Eric Avila, Pirates Shortstop: Juan Silverio, White Sox Outfield: Dioris Robles, Indians Outfield: Rafael Ortega, Rockies Outfield: Kelvin Duran, Yankees 2 Designated Hitter: Jhonatan Javier, Orioles/Brewers Right-Handed Pitchers: Pedro Guerra, Twins; Randol Rojas, Rangers 2 Left-Handed Pitcher: Andy Otero, Braves Relief Pitcher: Miguel...

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MiLB Records Tracker

Billy Hamilton, Bakersfield Blaze
Current: 131 stolen bases in 109 games (1.20 per game)
Pace: 159 stolen bases in 133 games

Jurickson Profar, Frisco RoughRiders
50 game on-base streak (not on-going)

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2012 05 14 Scranton Wilks Barre/ Empire State Yankees vs Pawtucket Red Sox
Andy Pettitte rehab assignment
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