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June 5, 2012

Buy Toradol No Prescription, It has been somewhat sobering to look at my Twitter feed the past couple days and realize that I know absolutely nothing about most of the players being selected in the First-Year Player Draft. Fortunately, 10mg Toradol, I still know silly names, so I took a look through the first 15 rounds to see if any stood out.

Of course, Toradol mexico, several did. 40mg Toradol, I originally had a few more on here (Byron Buxton, for example), but ended up dropping them, 150mg Toradol. Then I tried writing some witty capsules for each player that made the cut, Toradol overseas, but every single joke felt hacky and played out, so I decided not to do that. One thing must be said, however: whenever I see the name "Buttrey," my brain turns it into "Buttery." I shall call him "Croissant."

Also, Damien Magnifico should wear a cape to the mound and loudly declare, "MAGNIFICO!" after each strikeout, Buy Toradol No Prescription. Sorry, 500mg Toradol. I'll stop now. 250mg Toradol, Stryker Trahan (26), C, Arizona Diamondbacks
Patrick Wisdom (52), Toradol coupon, 3B, 200mg Toradol, St. Louis Cardinals
Kieran Lovegrove (110), RHP, Toradol japan, Chicago Cubs
Ty Buttrey (151), 30mg Toradol, RHP, Boston Red Sox
Chuck Taylor (153), CF, Toradol paypal, Arizona Diamondbacks
Spencer Kieboom (174), Toradol craiglist, C, Washington Nationals
Damien Magnifico (185), RHP, Toradol us, Milwaukee Brewers
David Otterman (245), Toradol canada, LHP, Milwaukee Brewers
Jamodrick McGruder (281), 2B, 750mg Toradol, Seattle Mariners
River Stevens (285), Toradol uk, IF, San Diego Padres
Dakota Bacus (289), RHP, Toradol australia, Oakland A’s
Zebulon Sneed (343), Toradol usa, RHP, Kansas City Royals
Max Foody (390), LHP, 100mg Toradol, St. Toradol ebay, Louis Cardinals
Mike Meyers (391), SS, Boston Red Sox
Keone Kela (396), Toradol india, RHP, 50mg Toradol, Texas Rangers
Zachary Taylor (398), OF, Philadelphia Phillies
Phildrick Llewellyn (423), 1000mg Toradol, C, 20mg Toradol, Arizona Diamondbacks
Hunter Scantling (454), RHP, Detroit Tigers

There are 25 more rounds scheduled for tomorrow, with more awesome names surely in store, as well as the unveiling of Mr. Don't Count Him Out (I'm assuming I can legally use that phrase). Stay tuned.

Photo: Wikipedia.

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5 Responses to Buy Toradol No Prescription

  1. Kristen on June 6, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    Just wondering why Keone Kela’s name is a favorite? this is too funny. I love it.

  2. Eric Angevine on June 6, 2012 at 5:20 PM

    Why couldn’t we have a Magnifico to Kieboom battery? WHY?!? The baseball gods are cruel.

  3. JOrdan on June 7, 2012 at 12:40 AM

    Mike Meyers goes to my high school!

  4. Coach June on June 9, 2012 at 5:48 AM

    This kid Keone Kela is the real deal.. Future MLB star, he can do it all.. Pitch, hit & a great outfielder…

  5. baseballmom on June 12, 2012 at 11:18 PM

    I love the name Keone (key+o+nee) too. I personally know him. He is a great kid with a great name! Good luck Keone you deserve all the blessings coming to you!

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